Powering progress through technology

we are a team of experienced software developers and engineers who are passionate about creating innovative solutions to complex problems.


Power progress though Technology

Our Vision

Our goal has been to proffer solutions to the day-to-day problems people encounter.
We strive to be the best go-to software company for existing and new startup businesses across sub-Saharan Africa by 2030

Our Mission

We offer extensive tech-related services, delivered using the latest and best technologies based-off our personal experience over the years.
The services we offer include Blockchain & Systems DevelopmentWebsite DevelopmentSoftware & Systems DevelopmentGraphics & UI/UX DesignMarket Research, Survey, and Analysis & Product MarketingData Analysis, and Game development.


We added 2x much value to start-ups in the past years.

Through strategy, design, and planning we build brand identities that connect with your template. We then fine-tune a Software development cycle plan that allows us to laser focus.


Countries Reached

Positive Feedback

Successful Projects

Our start-up to success model

Ideation phase

This is the initial phase of project or idea conception. In this stage, we dive deep into exploring the core concepts that make up your idea. These concepts could be questions as to why you initially thought of your idea, which helps explain the aim and kind of problems that you seek to solve; What your means of solving these problems are, Your target audience and others, which helps us determine the potential of your idea and how ideal it would be to your customer base


We believe in proper planning and a well defined strategy before execution. Now that we know what your idea is about, we carry out proper market analysis and surveys to determine your actual customer base and potential market competitors, we determine the best execution strategies, tools, mockups and wireframes to help validate the product hypothesis


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; and that's true. In this stage, with the wireframes and mockups generated, our UI/UX team develops the looks, feel, interactivity, and product flow of your idea. This constitutes a perfect blend of cool UI components built with the end users perspective at heart

MVP Development

This is the stage where we breathe life into your idea. It is where the actual product development starts. Our fullstack software development team takes full control in producing a presentable and outstanding MVP. Using the right tools, we develop, connect, and carry out proper project testing, making sure a quality product is released within the project's time frame

Review & Launch

This step involves presentation of the MVP to you for review, making possible changes or corrections, after which we would deploy your MVP for production use on approval


Now that your product is live and serving its intended users, you may want to up-scale your product based on the customer feedbacks you got. In this phase, we help you implement new features using proper techniques that would aid in serving your customers better without service interruption


You may want to reach out to more customers to grow your business. In this stage, we offer you the support and best marketing strategies you need for a successful business adventure


Let's help you keep users on your platform.

scaling your idea with engineering velocity.

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